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2019 Fathers Day Gift Guide: 5 best gifts dad actually needs

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be difficult, especially when you’re not into the same hobby as he is. That’s why we did the thinking for you, below are the top five accessories that Dad needs on his kayak.

Camera Boom


RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 R-Lock We’ve all heard about the one that got away right? The fish so big, “it would have been a record”. Well, with the Camera Boom 600, you can see it all in full HD. The Camera Boom 600 by RAILBLAZA is the best camera mount on the market and can be mounted on any kayak, boat, or canoe. It even works on inflatables! The Camera Boom 600 can also be used off the water and works great as a selfie-stick for all of your family adventures. Don’t forget to get the right base for his application.

Fish Grip Lock

The Fish Grip with Fish Grip LockNobody likes getting fish slime on their hands. Not only is fish slime funky but removing It from the fish also harms the fish in a negative way which is important to know, especially if Dad has a hard time catching fish big enough to keep and releases all the small ones. The Fish Grip is a must have tool for any fisherman and is also great for taking photos of the kids and their catch, who don’t really like to touch slimy fish. The Fish Grip with Fish Grip Lock is a great tool that everyone can use and gives you a great place to store your Fish Grip as well!



Rod Floats We know accidents happen. We also know the actual price Dad paid for his new rod and reel he bought and it’s a little more than what he told you it costs. The YakGear Rod Floats easily slip on to any medium to small fishing rod and reel and keeps it afloat when accidents happen and believe me, they happen. With the YakGear Rod Floats, Dad can protect his gear from accidents and after all it’s cheaper than replacing the rod and reel – trust me.

FishStick Fish rulerFishStick Most fish throughout the United States have a legal minimum length requirement in order for you to keep it for dinner. This is done to keep the fish population healthy and sustainable. It is important to know your fishing regulations in your area as they differ from state to state. Keeping undersized fish can result in hefty fines and because of this, It would be a good idea to get Dad a FishStick. The YakGear FishStick is a must have for any serious kayak angler and measurements can be custom marked according to the type of fish Dad likes to fish for as different fish have different size regulations. The YakGear FishStick can be folded down to 12 inches which is perfect for kayaks and it also floats!

RAILBLAZA Visibility Kit II ” The early bird gets the worm” right? that saying has been a fishing philosophy for many years and often gets anglers out on the water during the ridiculously early morning hours. Because safety is at the forefront of every kayaking trip, the RAILBLAZA Visibility Kit II is a must have safety item for all early morning or late evening kayakers. The Visibility Kit II keeps Dad seen in all low light conditions and keeps him visible by all the boating traffic he may encounter while out on the water. Not only is the RAILBLAZA Visibility Kit II a good idea but it is also required by many state laws that you have a 360-degree view overhead white light in any weather during restricted visibility.

This guide is meant to help you find the perfect gift for the kayaking Dad this Father’s Day or least spark some inspiration for your own gift ideas. Remember, Father’s Day is June 16th and it’s right around the corner!