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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Top Gifts Under $40


The perfect gifts for 2020 should help the outdoor adventurer in your life want to spend even more time outdoors and less time cooped up inside. Whether they enjoy paddling freshwater lakes and rivers or prefer the salty breeze on the coast – these gifts will help make their adventures outdoors much more enjoyable.


Brush Gripper- Brush Anchor

Brush Grippers – $14.99  Anchoring is one of the most overlooked aspects of kayaking. It only takes a small amount of wind or even the slightest current to move you off your course. That’s why we think they will love these brush anchors. They’re easy to stow, lightweight, and make a great backup anchor that they can leave in their kayak just in case they forgets to bring one. Most lakes and bays have some sort of structure that you can anchor to. The YakGear Brush Gripper clamps on tightly to brush, limbs and various other objects. Simply squeeze to open the jaws; release to close. These Brush Grippers clamps down tight for a secure hold on limbs. Specially designed with spring-loaded tension so the harder you pull, the tighter it grips!

FishStick Measuring Board – $32.99 Most fish throughout the United States have a legal minimum length requirement in order for you to keep it for dinner. This is done to keep the fish population healthy and sustainable. It is important to know your fishing regulations in your area as they differ from state to state. Keeping undersized fish can result in hefty fines and because of this, It would be a good idea to get them a FishStick. The YakGear FishStick is a must have for any serious kayak angler and measurements can be custom marked according to the type of fish they like to fish for as different fish have different size regulations. The YakGear FishStick can be folded down to 12 inches which is perfect for kayaks and it also floats!


Rod Floats – $9.88 We know accidents happen. We also know that the cost of rod and reel combos can add up quickly. The YakGear Rod Floats easily slip on to any medium to small fishing rod and reel and keeps it afloat when accidents happen and believe me, they happen. With the YakGear Rod Floats, Dad can protect his gear from accidents and after all it’s cheaper than replacing the rod and reel – trust me

Kayak Starter Crate

Kayak Angler Starter Crate –$32.99 This kit is a great for any kayaker just getting started or even looking to outfit his kayak. Because storage is limited on a kayak, we think they will love this great storage option for keeping his lures and tackle safe and secure. It even comes with 2 mountable rod holders that mount directly to the crate and even a mountable storage pouch for keeping things organized.

YakGear Hood Loops

YakGear EZ Loops –$12.99 Not everyone has a truck or a kayak trailer to haul their kayak around. For those who have cars or SUVs, the YakGear EZ Loops is a thoughtful gift that will make loading their kayaks a breeze. To use, open your hood or trunk, position the loop in a desirable location and close the hood.  A desirable location is where the end of the webbed loop sticks through the gap of the hood. The EZ Loops will lock in place with combined pressure of the hood and the pulling transportation strap.  The end result is a painless and efficient tool that adds an easily accessible lashing point to your car for connecting transportation straps.

Rod Holder II with MiniPort TracMount – $35.99 Not sure what kind of rod and reel they have? Can’t remember what kayak the use? No problem! The Rod holder II can hold just about any rod and reel set-up available. It mounts to just about any kayak that has track on it (which is just about every fishing kayak out there now days) and requires zero tools which makes this arguably the best gift on the list!YakGear Yak

YakSack – $37.99 With limited space on a kayak, real estate comes at a premium- that’s why we think they’ll love this gift. The YakSack utilizes wasted space on a kayak and turns it into additional storage. The universal design makes this a great gift for anyone that kayaks and oh – did we mention that it’s water proof?

Fish Grips


The Fish Grip – $14.95 Nobody likes getting fish slime on their hands. Not only is fish slime funky but removing It from the fish also harms the fish in a negative way which is important to know, especially if they have a hard time catching fish big enough to keep and releases all the small ones. The Fish Grip is a must have tool for any kayak fisherman and is also great for taking photos of the kids and their catch, who don’t really like to touch slimy fish.

kayak Camera Mount

RAILBLAZA Camera Mount Kit – $37.99 It’s amazing the things that you can see on the water. From the Loch Ness Monster to even Bigfoot on the shoreline, who would believe you if you saw it? The Camera Mount Kit is another great universal gift that everyone can enjoy! Pair this up with a MinPort TracMount or any RAILBLAZA Base for capturing awesome footage!


We hope this gift guide for kayakers helps makes your shopping easy so you can put down your devices and go outside!