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Yak Gear Employee Spotlight – Aaron Trull

Most of you know the Yak Gear that hangs on the shelves at sporting goods stores and kayak shops.    However, this partial vision of Yak Gear only sets the hook.  To reel in the fish, you really have to get to know the people of Yak Gear.

Well, who should we choose?  Nothing screams February like Aaron Trull.

Aaron manning one of the shipping computers at the Yak Gear warehouse in Houston, TX.
Aaron manning one of the shipping computers at our warehouse in Houston, TX.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, February is the month on the calendar that Aaron has to choose another team to root for as Tony Romo hits golf balls on vacation.  It’s not all bad though, he really enjoys when Major League Baseball Spring Training starts as a huge Texas Rangers fan!  For the Rangers, February is the month of new hope for a powerful offense and a lights out pitching rotation.

But guys, if you are going to talk about February, you can’t forget about Valentine’s Day?

We didn’t miss that! When Aaron isn’t shipping your Yak Gear orders or answering your customer service questions, Aaron is burning up the dance floor…on roller skates!  You read that right! Aaron enjoys “jamskating” which is a combination of choreographed and freestyle dancing on roller skates to party music at a skating rink! Impressive, right?  Sit back down, ladies!  Aaron is happily married and spending Valentine’s Day with his beautiful wife Rachal and their two puppies – Zeta and Zorro.

During the day, Aaron is one of the folks responsible for handling all Yak-Gear.com orders.  This includes packing your kayak fishing accessories, shipping them to you, and making sure you get all of the necessary information that goes along with the payment and delivery processes.

Don’t worry, though! Growing up in Arkansas, Aaron has always been around canoeing and kayaking and is very familiar with the sport.  Because of this, he is notorious for finding mistakes and correcting them in our double checking process before shipping the orders.  After all, nobody likes getting an anchor cleat when you order an anchor trolley!

Order up! One Yak Gear Sting Ray Seat and two sets of Hood Loops headed to Crofton, MD.
Order up! One Sting Ray Seat and two sets of Hood Loops headed to Crofton, MD.

When the shipping department gets backed up – thanks to frequent orders from awesome customers like you – Aaron is known to display his wide range of music taste to lighten the mood!  Whether it is Garth Brooks, The Temptations, or the Bloodhound Gang, you’re sure to catch Aaron singing along to Spotify on a busy Monday morning!

So, next time you get a package from Yak Gear, you’ll know which roller dancin’, music hummin’, ladies man made it happen!

What do you think about Aaron’s contributions to Yak Gear?  Has Aaron suddenly made you switch internet browsers and YouTube search “jamskating?”  Tell us what you think at socialmedia@yakgear.com or give Aaron a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!