A year later, they’re still talking about the epic expedition… | YakGear

100 Miles through the Adirondacks: Instagram Takeover

One year ago, YakGear Brand Ambassador Robert Field set off on a one-hundred-mile canoe fishing expedition in the Adirondack Mountains. Over eight days, Robert – along with Ben Duchesney, Rex Del Rey, and Mark Vlaskamp – battled the cold weather, long lakes, grueling portages. Their reward – the fish.

“The fishery is amazing there. There’s only one thing that can take your mind off of how much your arms ache from paddling and your legs ache from portaging. The fish. The smallies fought hard and the northern pike fought mean” Robert explained.

As a sponsor of the expedition, YakGear is proud to host the one-year anniversary discussion between the crew on our Instagram Story over April 10th and 11th. From trip highlight videos, behind the scenes footage, gear recaps, and conversation-style interviews, the Instagram Takeover should be nothing short of entertaining.

To follow along, follow YakGear on Instagram. The Instagram stories will be available in our profile starting Monday, April 10th. To catch up on the video series, check out YakFish TV.