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Kayak Fishing with Brand Ambassador Derick B

Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Derick B – of Phatfish Kayak Charters in Tampa, Florida – was featured in this kayak fishing video by Fishing Trips Magazine and Rolando Cordoba.

Derick has been fishing the Florida waterways his whole life. His passion for fishing began with fishing the Miami canals, ditches, and any residential crevice he could find. Later in his teenage years, he moved to Tampa where he was introduced to kayak fishing, which brought Derick’s passion for catching fish to an even higher level.

He has been fishing professionally as a tournament angler and kayak fishing guide for many years. Today, Derick has eight 1st place wins and over 10 top three placings including the Battle For Bella Fishing Benefit, Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing ClassicS, Hard Core Kayak Anglers Club Tournaments, and many more.

He was a co-host of Slot Limit Radio from 2009 to 2012, and is now an active contributor to The Online Fisherman where he acts as a writer and consultant.  Not to mention his photo on the cover of the April 2014 edition of The Fisherman’s Journal.

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