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Daniel Burgett

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Daniel started fishing at a young age around the freshwaters of Baldwin County, Alabama. When Daniel was around the age of 19, he took up an interest in the inshore waters of Alabama mainly Redfish. At the age of 40 Daniel had to start dialysis. As a way to keep active he took up kayak fishing. He joined his local kayak fishing club (Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association, mbkfa.com) and became active in it. Daniel was approached and asked if he would become the sponsor director. His responsibilities are securing donations for the club. It brings me in touch with companies such as YakGear. When you use a product and know and see that it personally works you want others to know. “I am a proud user and supporter of YakGear and will introduce and promote the brand to others”, Daniel mentioned as we talked. His passion is redfish but also pursues trout and flounder but also will venture back to his roots and catch my catfish.