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Derick Burgos

Derick Burgos has been fishing the Florida waterways his whole life. His passion began while fishing the Miami canals, ditches and any residential crevice he could find. During his teenage years, a move to Tampa introduced him to kayak fishing and elevated Derick’s passion for catching fish.

He has been fishing professionally as a tournament angler and kayak fishing guide ever since. Today, Derick has eight first-place wins and over 10 top three placings, including, among others, the Battle for Bella, Kayak Fishing Classics, Hardcore Challenge and Stinky Joes Trout Match.

As an authority in the kayak fishing circle, Derick makes it a point to be involved with his peers. He shares his experiences through blogs, published articles and seminars. He is a member of the Hardcore Kayak Anglers, Space Coast Kayak Anglers and CCA. His was also event coordinator for the Sweetwater Kayaks 2014 Kayak Fishing Event series.

Derick’s keen understanding and knowledge of fish, wildlife, tides and weather patterns is the catalyst for his success. He has been guiding for more than three years under his company, Tampa Bay-based Phatfish Kayak Charters, and is considered one of the best guides in the area

Derick served as a Slot Limit Radio co-host from 2009 to 2012, and is an active contributor to, where he works as a writer and consultant.

Derick’s articles have been published in “Inshore/Offshore Magazine,” “Kayak Fishing Magazine,” “Salty Shores” and the Kayak Fishing Classics “Tournament Trail” Magazine. His works have also been seen in “The Fisherman’s Journal” and “YakAngling.” He has served as a YakGear brand ambassador since March 2013.