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Doug Gresenz

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Doug was raised in a military family and grew up fishing while moving around the country. Settling in South Texas for his younger years where he would fish the coast on weekend trips as well as the San Antonio area. Eventually he would join the United States Marine Corps. Since then he has lived all over the country for a second time, and now newly relocated to North Carolina Doug is excited to learn and experience a new fishery in 2019.

Doug grew up fishing from shorelines and piers like most living in Texas. He discovered kayak fishing in 2013 through Heroes on the Water and it changed his life. It also changed what was possible as far as fishing, spending countless hours learning the sport and exploring new places. Doug says he loves the whole experience of kayak fishing from the gear prep and google earth recon to the effort and dedication it takes to get to those hard to reach places. “There is something about being in a kayak and the solitude miles offshore, picking fights with fish stronger then you are that just does something for me I cannot put into words”

Doug fishes all over the country and competes in several tournament circuits in Texas, Wisconsin and Florida. Doug is an ACA certified Level 2 kayaking instructor with an endorsement in adaptive paddling, he is working to help anglers with adaptive needs to be able to enjoy this sport we all love. He has experienced fishing in a little bit of everything from the Great Lakes for salmon and pike, to the Florida coast for sailfish as well as some inshore action down in Texas. Salt water is his home but there isn’t a fish he won’t chase or a place he won’t paddle. Doug is very passionate about paddle sports as a whole as well as fishing. He is very active in the organization Heroes on the Water, where he shares his love and passion of the sport with veterans, first responders and they’re families.