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Dustin Murguia a.k.a. Dusty Yakker

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Dustin Murguia, a.k.a. Dusty Yakker is a devoted middle-school teacher by day and kayak bass angler enthusiast any other time. Traveling and competing throughout the Midwest with his wife and dog, this multi-state champion loves nothing more than to help spread the kayak fishing gospel. Rooted just outside of Chicago, the twenty-five year fishing veteran balances rural sensibility with urban flare while providing informative and entertaining insight via Facebook. “Learn, share and inspire is my general motto…I can only hope it is working.”

It appears that it is. The affable Illinois angler has racked up some impressive wins in a short amount of time. Attracting the support of industry standouts like YakGear and Keitech USA – and having earned a coveted spot on the Hobie Fishing Team – he looks to be an influential force in the region for years to come. “Winning is great, but there is real beauty in the pursuit.” A teacher, indeed.


Photo credit ALEXA ROGALS / Forest Park Review