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Jef Brewer

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YakGear Brand Ambassador Jef Brewer was 4 years old when his father first introduced him to fishing on the banks of Northern California’s Hat Creek. The young sportsman surprised everyone on that initial trip when he landed a sizeable rainbow trout. Today, some 45 years later, he still finds the same joy and excitement from every fish he catches.

Jef has focused primarily on bass over the past 20 years, chasing largemouth and smallmouth bass across California, and competing in tournaments. He has been a member of the Hobie Fishing Team for seven years and, in 2017, was named a Hobie Top Gun Angler.

Jef’s latest undertaking has been saltwater fishing aboard his kayak. While he enjoys chasing line cod, halibut, salmon and rockfish, he spends most days on the water in pursuit of his old adversary — the bass. The avid angler said he finds the greatest joy does not come from his catches, but from inviting others to share in the excitement and passing along his knowledge.