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Justin Stiles

feelfree redfish Lure Stiles railblaza mount

Justin has lived along the Texas coast in a small town named Aransas Pass for most of his life. Growing up along the Texas coast fishing the gulf and its bays systems has been the highlight of living along side the coast. There are many flat systems, marsh areas, or just open bay and the opportunity for Justin to catch fish is endless and the fishing is great all year round. Since he could remember he has had a rod and reel in his grasp. With the passion of fishing growing immensely over the years. he wanted to expand his horizons and purchased his first kayak and has never looked back. Getting into unexplored areas/places boaters and or wade fishermen can not access is amazing for Justin. To talk about this is easy but to be out on the water enjoying it is breathtaking, said Justin. He has grown up targeting inshore species and wants to further his pursuit and challenge himself more and explore offshore in his kayak.

Justin is also a member of the Feel Free Fishing team. So if you pass Aransas Pass and see a kayaker out on the water, you may want to honk and wave, it might be me.