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Kyle Manak

Kyle Manak

YakGear Brand Ambassador Kyle Manak learned most of his fishing techniques – and developed a love of the water – in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Although he enjoyed boat fishing, bank fishing and wade fishing through the years, it was when Kyle ventured into kayak fishing that he found his stride and never looked back. For him, the simplicity and beauty of being on a kayak and catching a fish was something special. He was hooked by the beauty and peacefulness he experienced out on the water.

Kyle has been kayak fishing for many years now, and has extended his passion to social media. A few years ago, he created Kayak Fishing Texas, an online community which started small but today has more than 4,600 members who share the same passion. Kyle is also a ProStaff member of RipTide Kayaks, a veteran-owned company located in Texas. He continues to spread his passion for fishing to his own children and other children whenever he can.

“Kayak fishing is such a great sport for a family to share,” Kyle said as he paddled off on the hunt for his next catch.