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Mark Cisneros

camo bass hobie

Mark grew up wrenching on cars and playing sports. He didn’t start to fish until late in his adult life. Mark wanted to enjoy the outdoors and be on the water and kayak fishing did that for him. Naturally, the competitive side of Mark wanted to try kayak fishing tournament. KATS (Kayak Anglers’ Tournament Series) was the first bass fishing tournament he attended. That was it, the hook was set! Now he has crossed over from fresh water to salt water as well, enjoying fishing for redfish to largemouth bass in Texas. Mark mentioned, “We’re lucky enough to have year-round fishing, but the best type is just going out having fun”.

Mark gets asked how he got the nickname “Big Worm”. Well before there was Facebook, most of the fishing reports and info where shared on group chats and fishing forums. It was his screen name, so he came up with “Big Worm”, mostly because he only threw 7+”  plastic worms all the time. It’s the truth!

Now Mark makes fishing videos for individuals and companies. He is the owner and person that runs BigWorm Productions (BW Productions). It all started with the 2013 KATS Classic film for ACK and now he produces promotional kayak fishing films or take photos at kayak tournaments. Its his love for outdoor photography and videography, he confesses that most of the time he would rather be behind the lens. Along his journey, Mark has met some really great guys and girls in the industry. You can see some of his work on Instagram at Mark Cisneros or his website