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Marty Hughes

Marty Scotty bass fishing PFD lake

(AKA Kayakjak)

YakGear Brand Ambassador Marty Hughes (better known as Kayakjak) found his passion for fishing early in life. The Oceanside, California, native started out fishing small freshwater ponds and combing area beaches with a surf rod when he was just a youngster. Growing up as a military child, he often found himself in new environments which offered unique fishing challenges.

Today, it’s the Midwest that Kayakjak calls home. He moved to Nebraska in 1976 and has continued honing his fishing abilities. In 1998 he began kayak fishing, and he became a professional kayak fishing guide in 2004. Kayakjak has placed among the top competitors in numerous fishing tournaments, including national qualifier spots. He also founded Kayakapalooza, the Midwest’s first kayak fishing tournament series.

Kayakjak enjoys passing his knowledge and skills on to others – and not just on the water. He graduated from college with a teaching degree and has educated Nebraska youth for more than 37 years. He is a principal at Auburn High School in Nebraska.

The outdoorsman’s enthusiasm for kayak fishing has reached hundreds of clients through his work with Kayakjak’s Outfitters, a service he has offered for more than 20 years. He looks forward to working with many more clients through the coming years, and helping them find success in the sport.

“There is nothing like witnessing the excitement of someone catching a fish from the kayak for the first time,” he said.