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Mike Kaczkowski

Katchakow Hobie kayak

YakGear Brand Ambassador Mike Kaczkowski or “Katch” as his friends call him, was born and raised in Michigan. He started out fishing with his dad, in northern Michigan, learning the basics of Bass, Walleye, and perch fishing. Once he was old enough to fish on his own his fishing hobby quickly turned into an addiction. After school you could find him fishing any body of water within biking distance of his house, spending all of his earned money on lures and fishing magazines. In his early 20’s he bought his first boat with his dad and brother and began to fish the Great Lakes. He soon learned the art of “Katching” Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead, and was soon stocking the freezer with fresh fish. His family soon realized he was obsessed with fishing, spending most of his free time out on the water during the summer and on the ice in the winter( his family calls it an obsession, to Mike it is his passion).

As time passed, Powerboat fishing was fun but required a lot of time, fuel and not to mention the boat launches jam packed with boats, and long lines. Now married to his wife Stephanie and the father of two fisher girls, he doesn’t have the same amount of time required to fish from powerboats. So rather than giving up on his fishing passion, his family bought him his first Kayak as a Father’s Day gift, so he gave Kayak fishing a try, he was instantly hooked. The reason he prefers Kayak fishing now, is because the adventures are limitless, no shallow water or culvert can stop him from traveling places powerboats cannot go, along with the ease of transporting and launching. The sense of adventure you get from Kayak fishing is like none other, a quiet peaceful exploration and then a great heart pumping battle once you set the hook! There are plenty of opportunities to fish in tournaments, club meets, or just fishing with family and friends.

Although he still loves to explore small bodies of water for Bass, Pike and Pan Fish, you can now find him in the Great Lakes fishing for Salmon and Trout and getting lots of looks from all the power boaters. “I love Kayak fishing, where all the power boaters think you don’t belong out there, and then you set the hook on a big one.” If you ever see Mike on the water (you can recognize him by his Yellow outfitted Hobie with his green “Katch” emblem) he will gladly fish with you and share any tips he may have.