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Nathan McIntosh

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“ Most kids start fishing early off the bank of a pond or dock, Nathan first started fishing at the age of 12 on a offshore charter boat. His aunt and uncle managed a offshore charter out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Spending his summers there helping his uncle at the marina, cutting the grass in the boat yard and helping his aunt in the bait shop were some of his greatest memories growing up. By the time Nathan was 14, he was going on 12 hourr day trips on his own, come back change clothes, grab a burger from the Grills restaurant then hop on a 8 hour night trip for sharks. Nathan was literally hooked on fishing!! “
Both of his parents worked for the Federal Bureau Of Prisons so they traveled a lot growing up, the family finally settled in Beaumont, TX in 1996. After graduating high school in 2004 he started kayak fishing, it was then he found his true passion for fishing. After several years of fishing a buddy and he decided to start sharing their passion for kayak fishing, The organization, the Upper Coast Kayak Anglers (UCKA), was launched in 2016. To date we’ve been able to donate almost $20,000 to SETX organizations; including their local HOW Chapter, SALT Club, as well as the Cristin & Katie Grubbs Foundation.
UCKA’s mission is to provide a fun and unique platform that all kayak anglers, local and abroad, can use to compete….no matter what level of experience or skill….while impacting their local communities in a fun and positive way.
Nathan loves traveling to compete in kayak tournaments all over the country, meeting new people and sharing his passion of being on the water. “The kayak fishing community has a very strong bond that I am pleased to be a big part of”. Nathan said.  “I am very blessed to have an amazing wife and 4 wonderful children that support me in my passions of kayak fishing.”