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Steve Vullo

fishing with attitude

Steve is from Belford, NJ. He runs the “Fishing With Attitude” social media pages and fishes both fresh and saltwater. Steve really likes to target Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, which have more of his attention now.  Steve considers himself a power fisherman but will not hesitate to throw a drop shot when he has to. Steve is still a newbie in the kayak world as he made “The Jump” from boat to kayak at the end of last season and has been enjoying every second of it. “It’s more of a one on one with a kayak, kayak fishing makes you slow down and cover water more efficiently because you can’t run across a lake at 40 mph. Now he has access to fresh or salt water.” Steve said.  Native Watercraft Titan 13.5 is his mode of transportation on the water, and he does not think he will look back, unless someone is sneaking up to his honey hole.