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William Swann

offshore fishing

If you asked William who he is, the first thing that pops into his head is a Father.  Undoubtedly the greatest achievement in his life is his relationship with his 6 year old daughter.  The girl is outright silly , but she is all about fishing with her Dad and she gets it honest. William is a lead Heavy Equipment Mechanic.  He spends his days diagnosing problems with various Equipment and mostly day dreaming about fishing, checking weather patterns, etc.

The first fishing memories William has are the early 90’s at the San Luis pass in Galveston, Texas.  This is a place that holds some special memories for him.  His dad used to put them in an inflatable raft, tie up to his wade belt and be drug around while he fished.  Every now and again William still picks up the phone and says “ Dad, lets go wade the pass. “  William’s family moved around a lot and he has been blessed to be able to fish the Northern states for trout  and Pike in Pennsylvania, as well as spend every summer as a kid in South Florida fishing the piers and going on at least one Chartered trip.  They even got a few trips in the Bahamas in as a young buck before fishing involved so much thought.

Nowadays the method to his madness is something always on his mind.  What started as a mere $100 used kayak to paddle baits out involved into staying out and catching the fish instead of dropping baits and heading back to the beach.  Later he bought his first Hobie Outback.  This kayak would open up many friendships and experiences.  After a few years of upgrading outbacks as they came out he had the chance to get an Adventure Island.  He ran into a guy that had built motor mounts for the island and the fun really started cooking.   With a small Suzuki outboard we would launch from the beach and fish 17 miles offshore.  No breaking of any speed records but an avid vertical jigging enthusiast it made all the difference in the world being able to truly stand an Jig without worrying about falling off.  He made some videos and had a blast.  This was the year he really started thinking about how he wanted to fish fewer tournaments and enjoy fishing more than it always being a rush.  In the beginning William would show all these films to his daughter so she could see what dad was up to – Fast forward to age 5 and she would go on the Adventure island with him in the back waters of Galveston County.  It was fun but he got tired of dragging through the shallow spots, hooks being too close to her and having so little room to move around.  Last November the family made the jump in a 23’ center console and are loving every bit of it.  Now he has the ability to take his daughter to catch trophy bull reds, kingfish, snapper, etc.  She’s constantly talking about wanting to catch a Mahi, but William doesn’t think shes ready for that far out yet.  “Seeing the smile on her face as she fishes makes it worth it every time”, William said. Its about paying it forward.