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The Question Surrounding the Anchor Trolley

To use an anchor trolley, or not use an anchor trolley — that is the question. There are reasons for and against the use of a kayak anchor trolley. (By the way, an anchor trolley works great on canoes and other floating vessels, too.) It’s probably best to start with…

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chart depth fish finder

Fish Finders: A Luxurious Necessity

Believe it or not, in the not-so-distant past electronic fish finders were regarded as a luxury. Relegated solely to powerboats, these bulky units were tied into the main boat batteries and their performance was mediocre at best. The resolution of the sonar image shown on the screen was comparable to…

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Railblaza boat Heith Employee

The Seasonal Grind: Summer Kayak Fishing

Summer kayak fishing is a time to leave the waders at the house, keep those insulated socks in the drawer and stock extra drinking water in the kayak. That’s right, it’s the best time of the year for kayak fishing. The temperature is not the only thing on fire right…

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Chris Castro Offshore fishing pro staff

Texas Shallow Water Jigging

From shallow water jigging, to the other approaches out there, kayak anglers all have our favorite techniques. While the Texas coast may offer very little range in water depth, it always brings up an interesting question. Is jigging worth it when fishing in 50 to 60 feet of water? Let…

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YG staff day time paddle

Kayak Fishing: Back to the Start

I am like most of you kayak fishing folks reading this. I started kayak fishing to get out on the water more often and to access water that was difficult to fish from a big boat. In 2011 I had a truck that got horrible gas mileage and a big…

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hills mountains lake

Summer Freshwater Fishing

Summer freshwater fishing season is here. In other words, gone are the days of cold nights and rainy days, lending way to rising water temperatures and sweltering heat across the nation. For many individuals, summer is when the fun starts. Early morning runs to the lake or river provide a…

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salt water fishing

How to Pick a Saltwater Kayak

When choosing a good saltwater kayak, there are many things that come to mind. First and foremost, consider what your intentions are regarding that saltwater kayak. Where Will You Be Using Your Kayak?  Your personal fishing habits will come into play when choosing a kayak. After all, not all kayaks…

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