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Bass Fishing

Finding and Catching Summer Bass

With the spawn in the rearview mirror and summer in full swing, big bass areas that were productive during the spring are now void of bites. Mystified anglers struggle to find fish while veteran anglers like YakGear Brand Ambassador Paul Lopes know where and how to catch them when the…

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RAILBLAZA USA Offers Total Lighting Solutions for Kayaks, Boats and Dinghies

NaviPack and Visibility Kit II improve on-the-water visibility for safe navigation RAILBLAZA® USA provides total lighting solutions for kayaks, boats and dinghies with the Visibility Kit II and NaviPack. Both navigation lights improve on-the-water visibility to keep boaters and kayakers safe. “Staying safe while on the water should be the…

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Kayak Fishing vs. Boat Fishing

Many anglers are opting to fish from a kayak rather than a boat. While boats allow anglers to cover more water, kayaks bring many advantages over boats. From the quiet solitude of fishing a creek inlet to having more cash in your wallet, kayak fishing is quickly becoming one of…

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Jon Venarchick winning fish photo

Jon Venarchick: EKFT Battle in the Bahamas Champ

As told by EKFT Battle in the Bahamas Champ Jon Venarchick.  Winning at the EKFT Battle in the Bahamas is still a surreal feeling to me.  Everyone who goes puts so much hard work, time and preparation into this tournament that to come out on top is just still hard to…

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Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Holton Walker

Operation New Personal Best: Holton Walker

In 2017, our team of Brand Ambassadors is on a mission for personal bests. We sat down with Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Holton Walker to see just what he is looking to top in the coming months. What is the mark you need to beat this year? It's funny -…

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Blue Water Kayak Classic

Blue Water Kayak Classic has quickly became one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year for the offshore kayak angler and Viking Kayaks is proud to be the title sponsor. This week on Saturday August 15th the 5th edition of this tournament will be held in Corpus Christi. Anglers from…

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