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YG staff day time paddle

Kayak Fishing: Back to the Start

I am like most of you kayak fishing folks reading this. I started kayak fishing to get out on the water more often and to access water that was difficult to fish from a big boat. In 2011 I had a truck that got horrible gas mileage and a big…

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Kayak for Sturgeon Mike Mcinstry

Kayak Fishing, Road Tripping and Chasing Dreams

When you make plans to take a kayak fishing road trip, you don’t know how things will pan out. You get in your car and never know what you will find at the end of the road. For me, a spontaneous trip covering nearly 3,500 miles and several states over…

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Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Holton Walker

Operation New Personal Best: Holton Walker

In 2017, our team of Brand Ambassadors is on a mission for personal bests. We sat down with Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Holton Walker to see just what he is looking to top in the coming months. What is the mark you need to beat this year? It's funny -…

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Blue Water Kayak Classic

Blue Water Kayak Classic has quickly became one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year for the offshore kayak angler and Viking Kayaks is proud to be the title sponsor. This week on Saturday August 15th the 5th edition of this tournament will be held in Corpus Christi. Anglers from…

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Yak Gear Brand Ambassador and Deep Blue Kayak Fishing owner Eric McDonald recently released a new kayak fishing video “Battle In The Bahamas."  In this video Eric documents his second place finish at this years Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Battle In The Bahamas. Be sure to stay tuned for a tournament…

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Video Release: Big Sharks Offshore

Yak Gear Brand Ambassador and Yak Fish TV owner Robert Field - also known as @YakNAggie on social media - has just released his new kayak fishing video "Kayak Fishing: Big Sharks Offshore." In this episode of Yak Fish TV, Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Robert Field takes a trip to…

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Spanish Mackerel from the Profish 400

Paddling his Viking Kayaks Profish 400, Yak Gear Production Manager Stephen Snider hit the Texas Gulf Coast on Saturday October 25, 2014.  Surf launching from San Luis Pass, Stephen paddled about 200 yards from shore – a rudimentary paddle for a Viking – and decided to trail the jumping bait…

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Kayak Fishing with Professor Salt

Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Glenn Madden is one of the newest Brand Ambassadors to join the team in 2014.  With a DIY mentality and a little to no fear of nature, Glenn – also known as Professor Salt – gets himself into some awesome situations for any sportsman.  With hobbies…

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