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The Question Surrounding the Anchor Trolley

To use an anchor trolley, or not use an anchor trolley — that is the question. There are reasons for and against the use of a kayak anchor trolley. (By the way, an anchor trolley works great on canoes and other floating vessels, too.) It’s probably best to start with…

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YakPak Battery Pack Now Available

Those who enjoy the outdoors need no longer worry about how they’ll keep their electronics charged, thanks to YakGear’s latest offering, the YakPak. Now available for purchase on and through local YakGear dealers, the YakPak is a battery pack powered and designed by Dakota Lithium Battery Company, allowing users…

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Kayak Fishing for Beginners

 If you’re just getting into kayak fishing, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what you might need to get started. Here are some tips for kayak accessories you’ll need as a beginner angler. Safety The most important items to have while kayak fishing are a PFD (Personal…

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How to Decide What Length and Size of Kayak Paddle to Use

Over the last ten years, kayak paddles have become less and less important in the world of kayaking – but should it really be that way? Over 80% of kayaks sold are paddling kayaks, and approximately 20% are pedal drive kayaks. Safety is an important consideration. The Coast Guard recommends…

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Kayak Fishing in Fresh Water

What drives us to go kayak fishing? How do we get out there? As a youngster I would do anything to get out on the water. I once built a wooden boat at my home and dragged it across a pasture to a local pond so that I could get…

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Can You Have a Fish Finder on a Kayak?

Here's a question many kayakers face when they’re deciding whether or not to install a fish finder on their kayaks – does everyone really need one? The first step to determine whether or not you need a fish finder is to identify whether you will be fishing in deep or…

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A Guide to Kayak Fishing Anchors

Kayaks are great tools for fishing. They can help you explore new fishing areas that receive less fishing pressure, and can potentially help you catch more fish. Whether you just purchased your first kayak or you’re exploring new rigging solutions, this guide will help you to personalize your kayak for…

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Braving the Risks: Extreme Offshore Kayak Fishing

Kayak anglers are routinely found six to seven miles off the Texas coast, but there are those who brave long runs and the potential risks awaiting 20 miles offshore. While being so far offshore does present conceivable hazards, this extreme form of kayak fishing opens up the doors to pelagic…

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