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At YakGear, we’re all about giving you what you need to hit the water on your own terms. Still, a little guidance never hurt. That’s what our YakRules are all about. They’re inspiration. Helpful guidance. Our attempt at wit. Take a look at our growing list of rules.
1: Live Life on the Water.
2: Trust the Experts.
3: Don’t Go with Anyone Else.
4: Put Your Best Face Forward.
5: Don’t Get Left Behind.
6: Always Stay in Touch.
7: Tackle the Twists and Turns.
8: Grab the Latest Gear.
9: Live in the Moment.
10: Get Rigged or Go Home.
11: Always Remember Where You Came From.
12: Enjoy the Ride.
13: Never Let ‘em Keep You Down.
14: Embrace the Adventure.
15: Never Go it Alone.
16: Reel it In.
17: Go Where the Action Is.
18: Only the Best Gear Will Do.
19: Play by Your Rules.
20: Keep it Interesting.
21: Give the People What They Want.
22: Don’t Trust Just Any Kayak Fishing Store.
23: Never Settle for Anything Less.
24: Stand Up for Yourself.
25: Treat Yourself from Time to Time.
26: Take it All in.
27: See and Be Seen.
28: Stand Out from the Crowd.
29: Take Pride in Your Ride.
30: Take it from the Pros.
31: Dress the Part.
32: Take Every Opportunity.
33: Plan Accordingly.
34: Bait Your Hook.
35: Head Up the Creek with the Right Paddle.
36: Blend in with the Best of ‘em.
37: You Snooze, You Lose.
38: There’s Always Room for Improvement.
39: Take Your Best Shot.
40: Don’t Put the Cart Before the Kayak.
41: A Little Versatility Goes a Long Way.
42: Get Straight to the Point.
43: Stake Your Claim.
44: Success is Measured in Small Increments.
45: Set Out and Hold On.
46: Up Your Game.
47: Anchor In.
48: Get a Grip.
49: It’s All About Choices.
50: Roll with the Punches.