At YakGear, we’re all about giving you what you need to hit the water on your own terms. Still, a little guidance never hurt. That’s what our YakRules are all about. They’re inspiration. Helpful guidance. Our attempt at wit. Take a look at our growing list of rules.

  1. Live Life on the Water.
  2. Trust the Experts.
  3. Don’t Go with Anyone Else.
  4. Put Your Best Face Forward.
  5. Don’t Get Left Behind.
  6. Always Stay in Touch.
  7. Tackle the Twists and Turns.
  8. Grab the Latest Gear.
  9. Live in the Moment.
  10. Get Rigged or Go Home.
  11. Always Remember Where You Came From.
  12. Enjoy the Ride.
  13. Never Let ‘em Keep You Down.
  14. Embrace the Adventure.
  15. Never Go it Alone.
  16. Reel it in.
  17. Go Where the Action Is.
  18. Only the Best Gear Will Do.
  19. Play by Your Rules.
  20. Keep it Interesting.
  21. Give the People What they Want.
  22. Don’t Trust Just Anybody.