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Complete Your Product Line with Gear Kayak,
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At YakGear, we’re redefining the business of selling gear kayak, canoe and standup paddleboard (SUP) enthusiasts depend on. Our retail partnerships go beyond simple tools. With help from YakGear KayakRiggingHQ™ hubs, we’re helping transform dealers into one-stop shops for paddle sport expertise and equipment. In addition, through our One Source dealer program we work together to ensure success in selling YakGear products.

Why YakGear?

Why anyone else? Take a look at the range of benefits YakGear offers your business:

why yakgear 1

KayakRiggingHQ™ positions your shop as an expert in paddle sport accessories.

why yakgear 2

Eye-catching in-door displays pique interest and grab customers’ attention.

why yakgear 3

Quality products offer customers trusted strength and stability on the water.

why yakgear 4

YakGear offers greater retail efficiency, with 99% fill rates and order accuracy.

why yakgear 5

Access to over 180 accessories eliminates the need to purchase from multiple sources.

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YakGear offers regular online training for your employees through Skype live broadcasts. We can also schedule private broadcasts with advice on everything from rigging to how to help customers select a kayak.

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Dealers receive comprehensive marketing support through promotional materials and national print and online advertising campaigns.

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Customers purchase complete kits which include mounting hardware instructions. Online installation videos, available for most kits, make the process simple.

why yakgear 9

YakGear’s ever-evolving and expanding line adapts to market trends.

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Global sourcing capabilities ensure access to the specific products individual companies need.

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