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Four Reasons You Need a Paddle Leash

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It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced kayak angler hanging your hat on Pro Staff credentials and tournament trophies or a recreational kayak fisherman looking to land some bass on a local river, everyone needs a paddle leash.  Here are our top four reasons all kayak anglers need a paddle leash in their arsenal of kayak fishing gear.

1)  Turtling Happens

Let’s face it, turtling happens. It’s a fact!  Turtling is when you flip the kayak, giving it the appearance of a turtle floating on the water while your gear sinks to the bottom.  And guess what?  It happens to everyone! Good things can happen to even the best kayak anglers.  All it takes is an unexpected offshore swell, a slight compensatory lean on a surf entry, a hidden rock on the back end of a ripple, or even just a quick movement in the heat of the moment.  It is inevitable, turtling happens.   The least your can do is ensure that you don’t lose your paddle.  After all, your paddle is your only ticket back to the car…

2)  Landing Fish Can Be Hard

Paddle Leash for Kayak Fishing

You did it! You got the big fish on the line and there is no way you are losing him now! Don’t forget to secure your paddle to a paddle clip. It is instinctive for kayak anglers to lose focus of their paddle while landing a fish.  You’re right! Most of the time you will go out of your way to make sure your paddle is in its designated paddle clip and secured on deck before landing the fish.  However, some fish require more hands-on control and, well, the more hands you have on the fish, the less hands you have on your expensive paddle. Making sure this essential part of the return trip home is secured to the kayak will give you peace of mind that you will return home safely without having to go through the embarrassing explanation of how you lost your paddle.

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3)  It Won’t Bother You

Sure, 10 years ago you might have had a valid argument for not using a paddle leash by claiming “They get in the way and are too loud and bulky!”  Not anymore.  With advancements in paddle leash development, almost all paddle leashes are now as light-weight and noninvasive as possible.  Remember those big brass clips that used to clank on the side of you kayak and disturb everything around you?  How about the old style telephone cord leash that would expand and never contract, eventually growing to a length more suitable for a tie down strap than a paddle leash.  Do you remember those?  Well, those – just like your excuses – are an outdated thing of the past!

Paddle leashes are now made from bungee, webbing, or a flex hybrid of the two to create a light weight, noninvasive security line that connects to your boat without any loud connection points.

4)  It’s Cheaper than a New Paddle

Paddles are expensive! The fact that you can get a brand new 40 inch basic paddle leash for $9.99 and a top of the line hybrid leash for $16.99 is pretty awesome once you consider the cost of replacing a new $100-$200 paddle.  Don’t let the small price fool you, a functional leash is a functional leash.  Any paddle leash that can keep your paddle within reach at all times is well worth the investment. 

Yak Gear Coiled Paddle Leash

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