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Reel to Reel Productions: IFA Kayak Tour – Punta Gorda

Andrew Benak, from 419 Fishing and friend of the Yak Gear Brand Ambassadors, is on his first series of kayak tournaments!  In chasing his dreams, Andrew is releasing a series of episodes documenting the journey.  These videos, under the name Reel to Reel Productions.

Andrew Benak with Yak Gear
Andrew Benak, the man behind Reel to Reel Productions, shows off a nice redfish!

In his first tournament stop at IFA Punta Gorda, Andrew managed to get a 29.5 inch redfish in the first couple hours.  He immediately turned to finding some trout.  That is where the issues began…

The problems wasn’t finding trout, it was finding the big boys.  He caught about 30 trout in the 16-18 inch range with 18 being the biggest.

Overall, he ended in 11th place in the IFA Punta Gorda standings.

Filmed on two Railblaza Camera Boom 600‘s and one Railblaza Platform Boom 150, you can check out his first episode of Reel to Reel Productions here:

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