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Get a Grip on Brush Gripper

Kayak anglers and boaters can now use brush, vegetation and small limbs on the shore as a natural anchor with YakGear’s newest offering, the Brush Gripper. Now available on and through local YakGear dealers, the Brush Gripper is a gripper tool that keeps kayaks and small boats from drifting away on the water.

Another in YakGear’s line of gripper tools that includes the innovative Fish Grip, the Brush Gripper is designed with spring-loaded tension so the harder it’s pulled, the tighter it grips. Anchor line rope is included with the purchase of a Brush Gripper.

The Brush Gripper is available in two colors, orange and galvanized silver, and is used as an anchoring device in a kayak or small boat by clamping tightly to brush, limbs and various other objects. It doesn’t hold mud like a traditional anchor, making its storage and use much simpler and cleaner. It can also be used when camping to hang a lantern, water bag or anything else users need to keep off the ground at their campsite.

The Brush Gripper offers a solution to kayakers and boaters who want a more lightweight option for anchoring, YakGear President Bill Bragman said.

“Sometimes it can be a hassle to load a lot of heavy gear onto a kayak,” he explained. “The Brush Gripper is something that you can just set and forget so you can get back to what’s most important – enjoying your time out on the water. We’re glad to be able to work with T. T. Blakemore to help bring this product to the marketplace. ”

The Brush Gripper sells for $15.79. Visit the product page to learn more.