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Introducing The Fish Grip Lock

YakGear’s newest product, The Fish Grip Lock, makes it easier for kayak fishermen to store and access their fish-grabbing tools. Now available for purchase on and through local YakGear dealers, The Fish Grip Lock is a complement to the innovative Fish Grip, which harmlessly holds the lip of caught fish for ease of weighing and transporting.

Available for purchase on its own or as a kit with an orange Fish Grip, The Fish Grip Lock includes nut hardware that allows for four different mounting angles. The Fish Grip Lock mounts directly to a kayak’s track and allows for both easy storage, and quick access when landing a prize catch.

The Fish Grip and Fish Grip Lock both float, making for easy retrieval if either happens to fall in the water.  A version for two fishing boat brands that offer mounting tracks, Tracker and Crestliner, will be available soon.

Kayak and boat organization is key for fishermen, YakGear President Bill Bragman said.

“With limited space on a small watercraft, it’s important to keep track of your fishing gear and keep it secure,” he explained. “Fishing can mean a lot of waiting around for the big moment. We created The Fish Grip Lock so you don’t have to scramble for your Fish Grips under your seat or try to remember where you put them at a crucial time.”

The Fish Grip Lock sells for $18.99 on its own and $33.99 as a kit with an included Fish Grip. Visit the product page to learn more.