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YakPack light LED

YakPak Battery Pack Now Available

Those who enjoy the outdoors need no longer worry about how they’ll keep their electronics charged, thanks to YakGear’s latest offering, the YakPak. Now available for purchase on yakgear.com and through local YakGear dealers, the YakPak is a battery pack powered and designed by Dakota Lithium Battery Company, allowing users to charge many electronics at once.

The product of a partnership with Dakota Lithium, the battery itself is half the weight of a standard Sealed Lead Acid battery while carrying twice the power. It includes two USB ports to power most electronic devices, a 12-volt output socket and two 12-volt binder posts.

The YakPak is available in black or beige and includes two waterproof side-mounted LED lights, allowing users to see when operating the battery pack in the dark. The pack itself is also water-resistant and features a YakGear nameplate with a waterproof LED backlight.

While the YakPak offers convenience, it presents safety benefits, too.

“We know how frustrating it can be to run out of juice when you’re camping or out on the water,” he explained.

“Sometimes losing power can mean cutting your trip short early, and if you should find yourself in a situation where you need to call for help, it’s good to have a way to keep everything charged up. We wanted to make it easier for people to stay outdoors longer. If you’re a kayaker, it just makes sense to have constant power to supply your fishing electronics and recharge your phone or camera. For campers, it helps keep you in touch while you’re off the grid.”

The YakPak sells for $199 for a 7Ah version, and $229 for a 10Ah version. Visit the product page to learn more.