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Yak Gear Employee Spotlight – John Paguinto

Most of you know the Yak Gear that hangs on the shelves at sporting goods stores and kayak shops.    However, this partial vision of Yak Gear only sets the hook.  To reel in the fish, you really have to get to know the people of Yak Gear.

The madness may be over and March may have ended but our March Employee Spotlight is just warming up.  We know what you’re thinking – “Why so late, Yak Gear?”

We’ve been winding down our company wide bracket challenge for the 2014 March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament with the intentions of awarding the winner with the honorable spot in the Yak Gear blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, sealing his victory with the conclusion of the Final Four games we are proud to introduce our bracket champion and the spotlight of the April Employee Spotlight – Production Assistant John Paguinto.

John keeping up the organization and efficiency of the production team!
John keeping up the organization and efficiency of the production team!

March was a big month for John.  As a diehard Houston Rockets fan, John cheered his way through March hoping for an upcoming NBA title – a title John’s hometown teams haven’t seen since he was only 4 years old.  However, don’t let John’s lack of professional sports teams with championships fool you, he’s the go to man for sports in the Yak Gear warehouse.

With a 12-4 2013 Fantasy Football record and returns reaching 200% in the running company employees Fan Duel account, John is earning his self-proclaimed title as the champ at Yak Gear.

What’s that you say?  “With all this winning, when does John have time to work?”

Wait a second...
Wait a second…

John has stepped in to some major responsibility at Yak Gear while balancing his massage therapy schooling and a social life that would make even Charlie Sheen blush.  Through recent renovations to the production process, including the new packaging we proudly introduced this January, John is responsible for coordinating and organizing the production of every single big box store order that goes out the door.  So, if you’ve ever shopped at Gander Mountain, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Cabela’s, West Marine, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Chalet, or Sportsman’s Warehouse for Yak Gear or Railblaza, John had a major hand in getting you that product!

John Paguinto Yak Gear Blog 3
John organizing a West Marine order to be packed on a pallet.

***Note – Knowing this, you can give us a little vacation and now direct all big box sporting good dealer inquiries, product questions, and the rare complaint directly to John at TheChampJohnnyP@Yak-Gear.com or via phone at 713-WIN-NING!

Cheesy sports references aside, John is really into outdoor adventures and camping.  As the first beta tester of the new LuminaLED Outdoor Utility Light on camping trips and for personal rave parties, John stands by his favorite product 100%.

It's awesome! - John

“It’s awesome!” – John

Now who wouldn’t take that well thought out, exquisitely worded, and deeply insightful product recommendation?

So, next time you see our LuminaLED Outdoor Utility Light  hanging on the shelves, keep John’s recommendation in mind.  We guarantee that just like going with John’s Fantasy Football recommendations, you won’t regret it!

We want to know what you think about John’s work at Yak Gear! What are some 2014 Fantasy Football questions you want answered for you upcoming draft? Tell us what you think! Comment below, reach out to us at socialmedia@yakgear.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!