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Jon Venarchick winning fish photo

Jon Venarchick: EKFT Battle in the Bahamas Champ

As told by EKFT Battle in the Bahamas Champ Jon Venarchick.

Winning at the EKFT Battle in the Bahamas is still a surreal feeling to me.  Everyone who goes puts so much hard work, time and preparation into this tournament that to come out on top is just still hard to believe. The conditions for this year’s tournament were by far the toughest conditions I’ve ever fished in. They truly tested everyone’s skills as both an angler and a kayaker.  I’m just thankful that I have such great family, friends, and sponsors who all not only help me do what I love but help me be successful at it as well!.

The Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Series is truly a world apart from other kayak fishing tournaments.  Joe and Maria do such an amazing job of creating a fun, friendly, and competitive environment during all their tournaments.  These tournaments allow you the opportunity to test your skills against the very best but at the same time meet new people and create new friendships with people who share a mutual passion for kayak fishing.  I love the EKFT events and plan on continuing to compete in them for years to come!