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Kayak Fishing for Paddlefish

As told by Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Robert Field – from Yak Fish TV.

Kayak Fishing PanFish Spoonbill

Come along for the adventure as I travel to a remote stretch of the Arkansas River in Northern Oklahoma. My target: the elusive and gargantuan North American paddlefish, AKA spoonbill. Every year around March, these fish leave their usual home in the depths of various lakes to begin a journey upriver to spawn. These behemoths become concentrated as they try to squeeze through narrow stretches of the river, which makes for a much easier target for anglers looking for a rush.

Paddlefish are filter feeders, similar to whales, and plankton makes up their entire diet. Because of this, they will not take a bait or bite a lure. In order to catch them, we have to snag them. Paddlefish are illegal to snag for in most states because they have become endangered in most regions (including my home state of Texas), so check your local fish and game regulations before attempting to target these prehistoric beasts.

Join me on an emotional rollercoaster as I do battle with these enormous fish. I won’t give anything away, just that this was a day unlike any other in kayak paddlefishing history.

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