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How to Install Molded Paddle Clips


Kayak Molded Paddle Clip



Carefully choose the placement of your folding paddle clips using the following criteria:

1) Within arms reach of your paddling position

2) Be wary of placement along the curvature of the boat as the clips will not sit flat upon installation

3) Clip spacing should be 24-36 inches apart.

Remember, a comfortable reach for a paddle is much further in your garage than it is out on the water.


Molded Paddle Clip


Installation with Inside Access:

Use the holes in the clip to mark your screw location. Use a 5/32 inch drill bit to drill a pilot hole through the marked locations. Apply waterproof silicone in each hole, as well as to the back of the paddle/pole clip. Using a screwdriver, turn the screw through the clip and into the hole, just to a snug position. Apply more waterproof silicone as needed. Now, put your locknuts on and tighten. Note: Excessive over tightening may cause the paddle clip to split.  Repeat as necessary.

Installation without Inside Access:

While it is not recommended, a last resort and tertiary installation method is to use only screws and no locknuts. Follow the instructions above but do not put on locknuts. Apply waterproof silicone generously and hand tighten the screws all the way down, without using the locknuts. The tight thread pattern, along with the adhesive in the water proof silicone, will keep the clips in place. Please note that screws without locknuts do not have the holding strength of screws with locknuts or rivets.

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