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New Year, New YakGear

A lot has changed since we got in the kayak fishing game over ten years ago. What started as a couple products and a couple customers has since grown into a huge community of employees, brand ambassadors, customers, dealers, and family – and we love it. But with growth comes change.

For 2017, we’re proud to release a new YakGear to you – a YakGear with a new look, a new feel, and a new attitude.

We started with the logo, a familiar face with a new addition: Your Rules.

“The new logo, especially the ‘Your Rules’ component, lets the customer know that they are in charge of rigging and that they don’t have to accept what manufacturers do” Bill Bragman, YakGear President, announced to employees. “That’s what we are all about – giving people some control of their fishing and paddling. It’s their paddling time, their fishing escape, and their rules, not ours – not anyone else’s.”

Following that vision, the logo project turned into a much bigger task in an attempt to cater to the customer in charge. “With a product line and customer base growing daily, we simply grew out of the old website. It happens – just like people move from starter kayaks to more tricked out performance kayaks. We’re just excited to see what y’all think about our new set up” explained Micah Simoneaux, Marketing Manager.

“It will be easier for customers to shop, that’s a given. But it’s more than an e-commerce destination. It’s a catch-all for kayak anglers to watch, read, think, and learn about rigging techniques and options – a resource that still isn’t readily available to most kayak anglers out there” Bill continued.

But it’s not just the retail customers who benefit from the new website. “This site should provide a better experience for the dealers too. It is much faster and more responsive than our old site. The navigation is much more straightforward, there is much more information, it is much more organized, and it is easier to find. These dealers are great to us; giving them a navigable site where they can find the information they need quickly and get back to running their shop is the least we could do” Myles Bragman, CFO, chimed in.

On the outside, the website and the logo will be the first two things you notice. And, as a company, we are proud of that. What you won’t see right away is the new attitude and infrastructure set in place for 2017. With an upgraded Brand Ambassador program, several new employees, a batch of new dealers around the country, and an unwavering vision to fight for kayak anglers to be guided only by “Your Rules,” we couldn’t be more excited for what 2017 has to offer.

In the following month, we’ll be celebrating this big change and everyone else making big, new changes for the new year. We invite you to follow along.