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Deep Blue Kayak Fishing – New Age Kayak Fishing

From certain groups of anglers, kayak anglers can get the short end of this stick when it comes to extreme nature or intensity involved in their trips.  With the growth of kayak fishing, anglers of all kinds and getting involved in the action – not just the stereotypical, old school, recreational angler.


DEEP BLUE KAYAK FISHING is an informational website about personal kayak fishing trips from three friends.  Sounds simple enough, right?  What’s so different?

How DEEP BLUE KAYAK FISHING is different from other personal kayak fishing blogs is that these guys bring a certain intensity factor mixed with youth, contemporary music, and a flare that the outdated “your Grandpa’s kayak fishing” videos just don’t have.  The website is dedicated to the kayak angler who is not afraid to venture out into the deep blue oceans in search for some of the biggest fish.

Yak Gear is proud to have the DEEP BLUE KAYAK FISHING guys on our side as Brand Ambassadors, friends of the company, and awesome kayak anglers!  Watch their most recent kayak fishing video here!


Who are these guys?

Eric McDonaldOriginally from Michigan, Eric moved down to Florida years ago in search for something new.  Always being passionate about the outdoors, of course he became obsessed with the beautiful beaches and fishing. He was constantly asking friends to take him fishing on their boats.  As a Plan B, he was stuck fishing from the beach.  Enough was enough!!

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After weighing the options of a boat vs. kayak, he decided that a kayak would be the smart choice.  He fell in love with kayak fishing immediately! He would come home and talk his wife’s ear off about fishing and kayaking, day in and day out.  Since then, his passion has been simple stating, “Offshore kayak fishing is a thrill like none other!”

Joe Mattucci – Joe made the move from Ohio to Florida as soon as I graduated from college.  He claims that he “had enough with the cold weather and lack of sunshine there.” While he has always been extremely passionate about fishing because grew up bass fishing with my dad from a very early age, he didn’t catch the “saltwater bug” until he moved down to Florida! After some time in Florida, he quickly realized that there was so much more out there to explore.   After a ton research I decided to get a kayak, a Hobie Pro Angler 14.

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Talk about jumping right into the kayak game! From there I never looked back, I stayed inshore for a few months but after watching some videos online and talking to people on the fishing forums I decided to head out on the Deep Blue.

Matt Eckert – Matt was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and spent most of his time on the waters of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. His job as a Golf Professional lead him to warm and sunny Florida in 2008. Matt explains his saltwater fishing experience as minimal at best and claims “having never fished saltwater in my life, I had much to learn!”  2011 was when he bought my first kayak and wasted no time in taking it offshore. There goes the learning curve! His first trip he landed an 18 pound King Mackerel and was hooked for life!

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His most recent battle was in April during the EKFT Battle in the Bahamas Tournament where he hooked an estimated 400-500 pound Blue Marlin on spinning tackle. He was pulled over 30 miles during his 11 hour battle! “It was truly an amazing experience and that’s why I love fishing in the Deep Blue!”

What’s Next?

The DEEP BLUE KAYAK FISHING guys plans to keep pumping out cool content, placing in tournaments, and upgrading their website for the end of 2014 and into 2015.   “A new website and easily accessible information is going to help bring more and more kayak anglers to our style of fishing!  We can’t wait for this!!” – Eric McDonald.

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