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Outriggers & Stabilizers

Outriggers & Stabilizers

Sure, it’s OK to rock the boat. Just not when you’re actually on the water. When you’re enjoying the great outdoors on your kayak or canoe, a steady ride is always best. YakGear outriggers and stabilizers can help. Designed to suit a wide range of watercraft — and to withstand even the roughest of currents — YakGear tools ensure smooth sailing.

Concerned an unexpected bump might send your fishing rod, ruler or other tools sinking? We can help with that, too. YakGear floats keep all your important gear safe, sound and at the surface.

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  • YakGear Buoy Floats

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  • YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outriggers

    YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outriggers

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  • YakGear StandNCast Bar

    YakGear StandNCast Bar

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  • YakGear StandNCast Stand Assist Strap

    YakGear StandNCast Stand Assist Strap

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