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YakGear Anchor Float Leash

YakGear Anchor Float Leash

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Embrace the thrill of kayak or canoe fishing by releasing your anchor when the big one hits using the YakGear Anchor Float Leash. Conventional use of anchors make the angler fight the catch while tethered to your anchor because bringing the anchor up is such a long, demanding process. The 36 inch anchor float leash allows anglers to release their anchor, chase their catch and know where your anchor is after landing your prized fish. The anchor floats remain visible due to the two 3.5×3.5 inch orange floats ready for the angler to return and reconnect or pull up the anchor. As an added bonus, the leash also acts as a shock absorber for the boat against the tugging feeling created by rough wakes, waves, the current or wind by letting the bungee stretch and contract instead of the boat rocking back and forth or listing to one side, letting water in. The tugging feeling is eliminated because the leash provides the combination of inner flexibility (1/4” bungee) and outer strength (1” webbing) to please any paddler.

  • 36″ nylon overwrapped anchor float leash
  • Two high visibility floats attached
  • Helps to stop the tugging the current and wind create against your kayak or canoe
  • 2 Aluminum carabiners to attach easily to your anchor rope and to a pad eye or your anchor trolley

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14 reviews for YakGear Anchor Float Leash

  1. Just bought mine Friday and it just showed up in the mail! Very fast shipping

  2. Nice having this attached to your anchor pole when the tide comes in! Prior to having this, I almost lost my anchor pole. This item has saved me some money!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Saved my anchor when I tipped over in rough water!

  4. Considered building my own anchor float, but decided to spend the money on this. Great product! The elasticity of the float provides just enough slack to keep the waves from crashing over the side of my kayak. Also provides a quick disconnect for when you hook into that big one.

  5. The anchor float is exactly what I needed and works great. Exactly as advertised. Could not apply my coupon from my last purchase. Not sure why.

  6. Never leave home without it! Have had anchor sticks sink and it is no fun… Great innovation!

  7. Many uses including anchor line float, gear float to keep you measuring board, boga grips ow whatever afloat and also use it with your stake out pole. I keep an ectra tied to the end f a roap to be used as a throw line for safety.

  8. Great accessory for the anchoring system!

  9. Great buy for me. My Yak is over 14′ and used primarily salt water with wind and waves a near constant factor. I thought awhile about if this was a product that I really needed or not and now that I have used it I wished I had gotten it sooner. Definitely recommend the anchor float to smooth out you time on the seas.

  10. I used the anchor float for the first time this weekend and it worked perfectly. I even tested dropping the anchor and retrieving it. Everything worked as promised.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Nice having this attached to your anchor pole when the tide comes in! Prior to having this, I almost lost my anchor pole. This item has saved me some money!

  12. 5 out of 5

    Like always the shipping was extremely fast! The anchor leash was even better than i imagined. First of all the build quality is superb. It feels and looks extremely durable. I took it out on some of the roughest waters i have had my kayak in yet ( wakes 1-3 feet and high winds). And i was still able to confidently stand in my kayak. The bungee system really does its job in the way of buffering the yak against the wakes. Excellent product and an absolute must have for your anchoring system.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Anchor leash was far better than expected, very good quality. I haven’t been able to get out and use it yet, but I expect it to work well.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Wicked nice! lol

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