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Unlike any other cart in the paddle sports arena today, the C-TUG continues to amaze sports enthusiast with its rugged appeal, incredible strength and satisfying good looks. Built to last, the C-TUG is made of non-corroding engineering polymers, with stainless steel reinforced axles. This cart is designed for all terrains to get you paddling in places you never dreamed of. The C-TUG requires no tools and assembles in seconds. The C-TUG also dismantles in seconds, allowing you to stow it in your canoe or kayak hatch to take to your next destination. The C-TUG cart is specifically designed to rest your kayak or canoe on the rubberized pads when transporting.  WARNING

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Puncture-free wheels with high grip rubber tread
  • Lightweight 10 lbs. (4.3 kg)
  • 300 lbs. (120kg) loading capacity
  • Reinforced composite material
  • Thermo-bonded elastomeric seat pads
  • Stainless steel reinforced axles
  • 7.5’ (2.4m) strap with cam-lock buckle
  • Adjustable kickstand

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 8 in

25 reviews for C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart

  1. Damon

    I bought this because I am tired of dragging my Pescador 12.0 SOT everywhere i go. This C-Tug kayak cart is awesome. It has a kickstand and nice straps so you can hook up and just go! Yak-Gear has done their homework. Thanks!

  2. Katie M

    I bought this for my Dad over the holidays so he wouldn’t have to make multiple trips to the house with all the family’s kayaks. Now, we just pop both Ascend kayaks on the trolley and roll them around. It has definitely made his life easier!! Thanks Yak Gear!!

  3. Kasey Sharpe

    My wife bought this for me as a present during Christmas. Sure saves my back since I can’t lift much. Also the incline I go down is easier with the wheels go through tuff terrain. I urge anyone to buy this if bad back or can’t lift much!

  4. Shawn Blunt

    I have owned my C-Tug for a couple years now and have to say the only place it lets me down is in the sugar sand on Panama City Beach.. This has to be the toughest cart on the market and as a bonus it wont rust. I have used it on so many different kayaks and haven’t found one that it doesn’t work well with including the difficult hull shape of the WS Ride series… This cart breaks down pretty small and ones you get the hang of it very easy to assemble and disassemble… I highly recommend this one.

  5. Shawn Blunt

    I have owned my C-Tug for a couple years now and have to say the only place it lets me down is in the sugar sand on Panama City Beach.. This has to be the toughest cart on the market and as a bonus it wont rust. I have used it on so many different kayaks and haven’t found one that it doesn’t work well with including the difficult hull shape of the WS Ride series… This cart breaks down pretty small and ones you get the hang of it very easy to assemble and disassemble… I highly recommend this one.

  6. Hobie Peddler

    I carry two Hobie Outbacks with one hand and easily drag them across every wooden bridge I have to cross getting to the sand and then the surf. Easy as can be!

  7. Thomas Mendez

    The sweet videos don’t lie. This thing is awesome! Hills, stumps, and muddy trails don’t keep me from the lake anymore.

  8. Angela Herman

    Christmas gift for husband. He loves it. Should have known…

  9. Redfisher

    Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny. Plus it came with some stickers inside for me to deck out on my kayak!

  10. Benny Sams

    Love my new C-Tug. I had a Hobie cart for my Pro Angler and it wouldn’t track well in the sand. As great of a boat as it is, the cart was junk. I am happy with my upgrade.

  11. Phil Spence

    I have owned a C-Tug since before C-Tug became a big brand in the USA. Mine has always worked great. Still, to this day, it works amazing. Now the C-Tugs are even more improved and I bought another with these new solid wheels. Very nice. However, I am going to hang on to my old one until it is an antique too! Thanks guys

  12. YaknDave Howlett

    I can’t say enough about the C-Tug from Railblaza – this unique kayak trolley has become one of the most important tools in my kayaking arsenal. It gets my kayak and gear everywhere I want to go with ease. I felt the need to write this review because the C-Tug truly impressed me during a recent three day trade show. During the event I used the C-Tug to transport my Old Town Predator MX plus all accessories, fishing gear, my laptop bag, a large wooden DIY kayak stand, and three heavy boxes of brochures, magazines and swag. With the C-Tug I was able to load everything into the kayak and wheel it all from my vehicle to the show floor in just one trip. Throughout the event I made this fully loaded trip back and forth a grand total of four times and the C-Tug performed flawlessly. If you are in the market for a kayak trolley, I highly recommend this product.

  13. Jason Brink

    THIS IS Pretty much a NO BRAINER to own this piece of Yakgear GOLD!!!!! Only regret is I didn’t buy them sooner!!!!! Yes I said “Them”…. Bought two, One for myself and one for the wifey. I used to drag the poor yaks across the rocky river beds and portaging …I cringe just thinking about it! Just give the boys your money now! You won’t regret it!!!!! YAKLIFE!!!!

  14. Randy Meyer

    I used my C-Tug for the first time this week on my 18′ sea kayak. After the paddle, I put the C-Tug under the center of the boat, loaded all my gear into the cockpit, and then proceeded to my vehicle. It worked effortlessly.

  15. Bwood

    I have multiple kayaks diablo amigo, Jackson big rig, native slayer 10 propel, 2 old town Predator MX’s. This is the only cart I have used that will work on all of them. I have tried other brands and DIY carts and this is the only one that works on all of them with out modification.

  16. C Sawyer

    It’s okay. But don’t go with this if you plan on using it in soft sand. Wheels buried and I ended up having to drag it about 50 yards. Go with balloon tires for sand.

  17. Becky C.

    I have heard so many awesome things about the C-Tug and I cannot wait to try it out. The shipping was fast and assembly was easy!! I have several friends who swear by the C-Tugs versatility for whatever type of yak or canoe that they are carrying. Adventures Await!!

  18. Carol S.

    The C-Tug is perfect for getting my kayaks to the water on regular to rough terrain. I still need the big sand wheels for deep New England sand, but I typical put in where there’s little to no sand or hard pack. Works with all the kayaks in my “fleet” and was easy to put together.

  19. Ed Rose

    I purchased the Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD in August and immediately ordered the C-Tug Kayak Cart after reviewing ‘many’ other carts. I transport my 13’3″ kayak in the bed of my truck, alone, into some remote areas here in Maine. The C-Tug is what honestly allows me to use my kayak the way I intended to; alone in remote areas a good chunk of the time. The stability and ease of use of the C-Tug gives me the confidence to move my kayak through some skinny launch locations after having to move it some distance from my truck parking spot. When I say I’m remote, I mean going into wildlife management areas with no paved access and NO boat ramp or pristine beach to roll into. Now you may be saying, well you’re an idiot for buying such a large heavy kayak, and I’d tell you well the Jackson Big Rig FD is the most stable and gear hauling capable kayak I came across in my extensive research before purchase. And the marriage of the Jackson Big Rig FD with the C-Tug means I can go just about anywhere a person with a smaller rig can go because the C-Tug gives me that mobility. Period!

    When the C-Tug arrived it needed to be put together which literally only took a matter of a few minutes. The individual pieces are beefy, sturdy and aren’t going to protest when you put a load on the C-Tug and demand it over rough terrain. If you can get your rig through the width of opening you need, this C-Tug will carry the load for you. Everything snapped into place with a good crisp fit and is very easy to break down if you need to take it aboard for a future portage (and you don’t have all the above deck space I do on my Jackson Big Rig).

    All of this and I’m 54 years old and sit behind a desk most days for work, so I’m not an iron man, but the C-Tug allows you to easily move your kayak or canoe wherever you can wheel something. And properly balancing your load is a simple exercise to where you can minimize the load you’re carrying on the handle as you move it by properly placing the C-Tug. For the Jackson Big Rig FD that is lined up just behind the seat.

    I hope this review helps. I’ve used it, I’m very happy with it, and the go anywhere wheels will take me into these areas here in Maine well into January when I have to finally put her away until spring thaw. Get out and enjoy with the confidence a C-Tug provides.

  20. Dan P.

    The c-tug works perfectly in needed situations. I can completely set up all fishing gear, take it to the water disassemble, stow and launch. Perfect!

  21. Mark

    Saved my back and my relationship. I don’t recommend making your girlfriend help portaging the canoe. Get one of these instead. I learned the hard way…

  22. Jeff Riechel

    Quality is excellent, and so was the delivery. The problem is that I have a fishing kayak with a very uneven keel. It undulates and switches from concave to convex along its length. The C-Tug will not securely fit. It either slides toward the rear and falls off when a slight undulation in the ground is encountered, or wobbles around because it can’t be tightened in a concave portion of the hull. If I had a consistently shaped convex keel, this would probably be as good as I was hoping. For now, I’m back to single-handedly carrying a 80# kayak by picking it up with the side handle, and a $140 mistake sitting in the shed.

  23. Dennis Lyne

    Durable, rust free, quick breakdown and easy storage makes this a perfect match for my predator kayak and my back.

  24. Laura Carroll

    I used the C-tug for the first time this past weekend to haul my 75 pound, 17-foot, double ender aluminum canoe down a walkway to the dock on the river. It was a life-saver! The only difficulty was steering it–it might have been my error for not putting the canoe on it straight. The straps around the canoe really helped keep the canoe solid on the tote. I think it will be very useful in future paddles!

  25. Christopher DErrico

    I’ve been through 4 different kayak carts and finally found the one that works. Ctug is the only cart that fits my large fishing kayak.

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