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RAILBLAZA Camera Mount R-Lock Kit

RAILBLAZA Camera Mount R-Lock Kit

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Use the RAILBLAZA Camera Mount Kit to prove to your mates that you really did land that record fish, just get them to take a look at the clip from when you hauled it on board. This compact and lightweight camera holder will hold your devices securely as you record your aquatic adventures.

  • Quality New Zealand made from high quality, waterproof and UV proof materials
  • Easy single-handed adjustment using R-Lock friction joints
  • R-Lock swivel joints can be locked, adjustable knuckle joint
  • Unscrew GoPro mount to use ¼ 20” screw
  • Light-weight and rigid
  • Quick release with a flick of the StarPort lock
  • Top Camera Mount Adaptor is removable to make a low-profile mount

This innovative GoPro mount will hold your camera and capture the action for you! It can be used on kayaks, bass boats, sailboats, inflatables, motorcycles and any other type of vehicle. Compatible with any RAILBLAZA mount, this is the most versatile camera mount on the market.

Being adjustable to shoot at any angle as well as swivel 360 degrees, you can trust the RAILBLAZA camera mount products to securely and firmly hold your camera steady despite the pitch and roll of waves.

Quickly and easily attach and detach your GoPro or action camera into the most convenient RAILBLAZA port on your kayak, boat, yacht, farm bike, rail or almost any other surface. This Camera Mount Kit has the universally accepted ¼ 20” screw and a GoPro tripod adapter, which makes it compatible with most cameras on the market, such as GoPro products, Contour, Garmin, Sony, Panasonic, HedCam and more. The RAILBLAZA kayaking and boating accessories allow for fast and easy unclipping of your valuables in seconds to safely stow them while you’re away from your gear.

What You Get

  • 1 x Camera mount adaptor
  • 1 x Friction joint extender



RAILBLAZA Part Number: 05-0042-01

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 4 in

3 reviews for RAILBLAZA Camera Mount R-Lock Kit

  1. I use this with a Mini Port track mount, and love it. Keeps my camera right next to me, easily adjustable for all types of shots…just a great product!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Like all their products, this quality mount enhances the ability to move from one vessel to another quickly and easily.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Great product for the camera boom applications. Also a great option to keep a transducer arm from swinging up at high speeds!

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