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The YakGear Floating Fish Ruler is a fish ruler created with the conscientious angler in mind. It was designed to be accurate, durable and to float. Have you ever been paddling to your favorite fishing spot only to have your metal measuring board fall overboard and sink to the bottom? Has a fish ever flopped off your measuring board while trying to measure it? The YakGear Floating Fish Ruler will help solve all of these issues. Not only will it float, but the YakGear Floating Fish Ruler is made of a proprietary blend of PVC and plastic making it virtually indestructible. A carved out notch on the raised nose board allows you to keep your fish on the hook while taking an accurate measurement. Due to its ability to float, the YakGear Floating Fish Ruler is ideal for measuring fish while they are still in the water so that they are not put under further duress by being removed from the water to be handled.

  • Floats in the water for fish measurement or simple loss of gear
  • Composed of a blend of PVC and plastic for durability
  • Carved notch on the nose board allows you to measure the fish while it is still on the hook
  • Great for measuring fish while they are still in the water so as to cause less stress
  • Measures in 1/4 inch increments

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 48 in

12 reviews for YakGear Floating Fish Ruler – 36 Inches

  1. I absolutely love my new fish ruler! The fact that it floats has saved me a few times. I keep knocking it over board, but atleast it stays afloat for me to chase after it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Picked up one of these for a tournament, and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent quality, works great, easy to read, and it floats! Great product.

  3. Now your friends can’t say your fish wasn’t that big. plus, this thing takes a beating.

  4. Picked this up for a new tournament board. The markings are great and easy to read in photos. Can’t wait to get this out on the water.

  5. It’s not easy finding an awesome product like this. it floats, so we can leave our fish in our very over sized net while we measure and then release. CPR… Catch, photo and release…….

  6. Great fish ruler for people who tend to lose them overboard. It floats and there is an easy access leashing spot to tie it off to.

  7. This is a great ruler board,wish I had it last year.

  8. I bought this for a kayak fishing tournament where you must take photos of you fish on a bump stop ruler. We’re competing for overall length via contestant photo submission. This ruler has bold easy to read markings, and high contrast black and white which is great for photos as well. The slot in the bump stop is great so you can keep your catch on the line while measuring so you keep from losing them if they flop off the board. Floats, tough but flexible. GREAT product.

  9. I heard about this Tournament Ruler through Yak-Tribe. This is a great ruler with nice big and clear legible numbers unlike some other rulers. And the fact that it floats is also a plus for me as accidents can happen in the water and losing gear is no fun.The Construction of the board is nice and sturdy with a cut in the bump board for your fishing line or Grips which is a great convenience to have so you can accurately measure your catch while having it still on the line and possible still in the water since it floats. The only down side to the ruler is that the 36 inch version can be a bit of a burden for kayakers who don’t have a big kayak. Other than its size I would definitely recommend this product my friends and fellow anglers. Wether there in a kayak or fishing from the jetty this is a great tool to have.

  10. Great ruler, but one issue. The slot in the bump stop is nice but won’t fit floating fish grips. Looks like it’ll fit Boca’s and your line. I had to cut my slot wider to use my grips. I would think most people in the market for a floating ruler would have floating grips as well. Otherwise great product.

  11. 4 out of 5

    Excellent product. I do wish it was a trough bump board. Some of my larger catches don’t want to stay on it very well for their photo opportunities.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Really like my new bump board. Very easy to read the measurement in pictures for tournaments and it floats!

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