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Having trouble connecting transportation straps to your car? Tired of transportation straps rubbing against your car? The YakGear Hood Loops are a painless and efficient tool that adds an easily accessible lashing point to your car for connecting transportation straps.  Hood loops can be installed anywhere under the hood that you can find a bolting point.  Sold as a pair, the YakGear Hood Loops are easily installed and removed as needed. WARNING

  • Easy way to create a lash point underneath the hood of your car
  • Prevents scratching of paint from buckles/carabiners rubbing against the car
  • Can be removed when needed
  • Sold as a pair

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 0.25 in

2 reviews for YakGear Hood Loops

  1. Tom

    I installed a pair of these on my car to help prevent scratching from ropes used to tie down whatever boat I am carrying. When I tightened the rope on the bow, the hood loop failed. I did not over tighten but the loop pulled away leaving the grommet attached to the car. Luckily this did not fail on the road.
    When I contacted the manufacturer, I was dealt with professionally and offered either a new set or a refund.
    My take away is, be sure your boat(s) are well secured before traveling.

  2. Amy

    I recently bought two pairs of these for two cars. One pair was to replace a pair that was accidentally installed with the grommet upside down. The straps ripped easily out of the grommet and left my kayak strapped by a few threads. As the other reviewer said, thankfully, this happened off the road and we were safe. I was disappointed to find that it was a combination of installing these wrong and thin, cheap metal grommets. You can bend the metal in half easily which separates the strap from what is holding it to your fender bolt. I would love to see these made with a better, stronger grommet to be safe. These work for what they are intended for but I’m nervous to drive too far without checking them constantly because I am confident it’s only a matter of time before they rip apart again. I would rather pay a few more dollars for a quality, safe product then $8 and risk my kayak flying off my roof. Please improve the quality Yak Gear, everything else I bought from you has been great.

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