Profish 400


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From long offshore excursions, to inshore recreational paddles, the lightweight Profish 400 is suitable for any paddling experience.

This is the kayak for those wanting a lighter boat that still maintains the key features of a great fishing kayak. As the Viking fleet’s mid-sized model, it packs a big punch by combining the glide of a Viking hull and convenient gear storage systems of a Viking deck. The 400 hull provides excellent stability using flat chines, while a scalloped freeboard at the thighs improves paddling comfort and accommodates efficient paddle strokes.

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61 lbs.

Carrying Capacity

385 lbs.

2017 Color Options

Coral (Red/Yellow/Black), Yellow


  • 400 Tackle Pod™ system offers the ease and speed associated with “load and go” functionality while remaining fully compatible with Fish Finders and mounted accessories. NOTE: The Reload Tackle Pod™ and 400 Tackle Pod™ are different sizes, and thus are not compatible between the two models.
  • All kayaks are shipped “rudder ready,” which dramatically simplifies rudder installation.

Included Stock Accessories:

  • Front Waterproof Bow Hatch
  • Waterproof Deck Hatch
  • Six (6) Flush Mount Rod Holders
  • Two (2) Bungee Paddle Keepers
  • Three (3) Carry Handles
  • Brass Inserts for Hole-free Anchor Trolley Installation
  • Attachment Point Pad Eyes
  • Stern-mounted RAILBLAZA StarPort for mounting RAILBLAZA accessories

Optional Upgrades:

  • Rudder Kit
  • Chill Pod
  • Fish Bag
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