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At just under 12′ long, the Profish GT is designed for paddlers of all experience levels and sizes who are looking for a paddling and fishing platform that is exceptionally easy to handle both on and off the water.

Compact, easily managed and incredibly maneuverable, this is a 4WD fishing kayak. The Profish GT’s stability appeals to both all-water anglers and recreational paddlers looking for a worry-free ride. The GT paddler remains in their element, able to shred narrow waterways or use 4WD to punch through the surf’s rolling waves or slow down to stand up and sight cast the backwaters.

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57 lbs.

Carrying Capacity:

386 lbs.

2017 Color Options:

Granite (White/Black), Dorado (Blue/Green), Red


  • All-water 4WD kayak, perfect for paddlers of all capabilities navigating fast-moving currents, flat waters or breaking waves.
  • Flat Deck adds one hatch and additional flat deck space to the standard Tackle Pod modular fitting. The Tackle Pod and Flat Deck are interchangeable, depending on the type of paddling/fishing planned.
  • All kayaks are shipped “rudder ready,” which dramatically simplifies rudder installation.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Twin Tackle Pod
  • Reload/GT Tackle Pod™
  • Chill Pod
  • Rudder Kit
  • Fish Bag


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