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RAILBLAZA ExtendaPole 1000 - Spare Section

RAILBLAZA ExtendaPole 1000 – Spare Section


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Whether you need a spare piece for length, or you had an accident with your original Extenda Pole, the RAILBLAZA ExtendaPole Spare Section is here for you. Measuring just about 12.5 inches; this is a pretty straightforward product, just add or replace on a RAILBLAZA Extenda Pole 1000. This spare section has a male thread on one end and a female thread on the other.

  • Spare Section for Extenda Pole 1000
  • 12.5 Inches

Please note РThis is just a spare section. If you would like the full product, see RAILBLAZA Extenda Pole 1000.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 4 in


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