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YakGear Sand Dollar Seat Cushion

YakGear Sand Dollar Seat Cushion

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Comfort is valued at a premium while paddling. Stop being uncomfortable while paddling with the YakGear Sand Dollar Seat Cushion. The 14-inch wide and 11-inch deep seat cushion offers an additional 1-inch thick EVA foam cushion to any kayak or canoe seat. It also has a non-skid bottom. For a complete seat, please see the YakGear Manta Ray Seat or the YakGear Sting Ray Seat.

  • 14×11 inches
  • 1 inch thick EVA Foam
  • Compatible with any kayak or canoe
  • Non-skid bottom

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12 reviews for YakGear Sand Dollar Seat Cushion

  1. Love this seat cushion for my long day trips. Gives a little extra padding which allows you to paddle longer without interruption.

  2. I use this on my canoe as an extra cushion for the hard seat that it came with. It now feels like night and day sitting on the Sand Dollar. I can paddle for hours on the lake comfortably now. Thanks Yak Gear!

  3. Extra padding for a seat never hurt. Bought one for my wife on long kayak trips and ended up buying two more: one for me and one for my son. Pretty solid product.

  4. Could barely walk with stock seat after long days on the water from being so sore. This has completely changed my comfort on long fishing trips and its holding up excellent in the hot sun and salt water

  5. Butt kept falling asleep while paddling. this fixed that.

  6. It originally feels a little stiffer than you would like a seat cushion…but after a trip or two it becomes really comfortable. My butt is happy that my brain didn’t listen to my fingers in the store. Happy I bought it.

  7. Wish I’d had this on my first kayak. Can also be used as a back pad. When I’m done paddling and want to sit in an old hard adirondack chair and sip a beer it comes with me then too! Can be used as a pillow on the dock or as a soft frisbee. You get the pic. Many uses.

  8. This is a nice addition to the crappy Hobie seat. It works great. I wish it had some way to attach it to the other seat so that it did not slide around. Very comfortable

  9. I was disappointed in this seat. The foam is so firm that it really didn’t feel like it was providing any noticeable cushion. I think the shape is fine and it’s plenty durable, but needs to be gel-filled to actually cushion your seat.

  10. 4 out of 5

    Not bad. Wish it was a little softer but it is better than my kayak seat without it.

  11. 1 out of 5

    I used it one time and changed it for a seat pad I got from Walmart that is much more comfortable. this pad looks like it would be soft and cushion well, but it is pretty stiff.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Durable, and like the position of the loop to keep it in place and to dry when I get home. Agree with other reviewers that first kayak trip with the pad was a bit rough. Pad felt too stiff for that run. The next weekend trip was much better and the pad softened up a bit and feels great now. So give it a few hours of seat time before making final judgement. It is a great seat pad that makes the day more enjoyable now.

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