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YakGear Drift Anchor - 18 Inch

YakGear Drift Anchor – 18 Inch

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Do not limit anchoring to conventional stationary anchors. The YakGear Drift Anchor allows kayaks, canoes, and small boats to slowly drift when the wind is pushing the boat too fast. Why restrict anchoring to just one spot when the fish may be elsewhere? The bright orange anchors are the perfect accessory for a slow float across the whole range of your favorite fishing spot. Simply attach to your anchor line and deploy. The YakGear Drift Anchor opens automatically when in the water and collapses neatly for storage when you are done using it. Our 18-inch drift anchor is compatible with boats up to 14 feet. For kit with hardware included, check out our YakGear Drift Anchor Kit.

  • 18″ Drift Anchor
  • Opens automatically
  • Collapses neatly for storage
  • Slows down boat to optimal drifting speed

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9 reviews for YakGear Drift Anchor – 18 Inch

  1. When I am drift fishing bridge pilings in deep water and fast current, there is not a better anchor on the market to help me keep my kayak under control and keep me on the fish! Use this with the Deluxe Anchor Trolley system and you are in drift fishing paradise!

  2. 5 out of 5

    The drift sock is perfect for those days where the wind is blowing you off the flats or you need to slow your drift across a lake or oyster bed. One drift sock slows my 14′ yak down perfectly. Great item and a necessary tool for every arsenal.

  3. bought the 18" drift sock and have used it twice.Cant believe what i"ve been missing,greatly extends my casting time on tight spots when the wind comes up.Also helps get downstream when the wind blows upstream.Great ordering and shipping process,it was here before I knew it.

  4. This drift anchor is a must on any kayak! If used properly on a anchor trolley, you can make it to where you are positioned perfect to spend more time fishing and less time getting blown in every direction. Also great for when you hook into a nice fish to slow you down! Thanks Yak-Gear!

  5. I purchased to 18" drift anchor for kayak fishing and for flying a kite from my kayak. My order was shipped promptly and I received it within a few days. I was very surprised when I opened the package as I had read that the anchor was made of "plastic" and for $16 bucks was not expecting too much….. It is made from a heavy duty material similar to that of safety vests and the webbing is well sewed to the fabric. It should have been labelled "Heavy Duty Drift Anchor". LOVED the "Made in the USA" label as I hate buying crap from overseas….

    Once I set the anchor up with my anchor trolley system it work better than I had expected. Kept me over the spots that wanted I really wanted to work and made flying a large Delta kite much, much safer…..

  6. Works as advertised

  7. It’s a great drift sock and you can’t beat the price. Very well made out of quality materials. This one will last forever. Highly recommended if you’re in need of slowing your drift when fishing.

  8. This drift anchor is just what I needed. As stated in earlier reviews it’s very well made and should last a very long time. It definitely slowed my drift way down in my 10′ kayak. On some days it even held me in one spot. This product was exactly what I was looking for as I did not want a traditional anchor. I would highly recommend getting one.

  9. 5 out of 5

    It’s a awesome drift sock . Very well made out of quality materials. This one will last forever. Highly recommended if you’re in need of slowing your drift when fishing Large Flats. As a Guide I need Quality and Service with Yak Gear I have that!!!!! Thanks I appreciate it!!!!!

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