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YakGear YakPak 12V - 7Ah

YakGear YakPak 12V – 7Ah




Whether you are camping in a tent, cruising in your kayak, or working off-grid, the YakGear YakPak helps keep all of your electronics charged up and ready to go. Built to power all your passions – the YakPak gives you the freedom to use one battery to power many things. The box will be powered by a 12V 7Ah Dakota Lithium battery. It is half the weight of a standard SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery while also carrying twice the power. It has your choice of battery terminals, a cigarette lighter, or USB ports to power all devices you might have. There are also two lights on the side of the YakPak to help you see better when operating in the dark on those early morning fishing trips. Available in Black or Beige.


  • Dimension: 8-1/2 in x 6-3/4 in x 4-1/4 in
  • 2 color options: Black or Beige
  • Dual USB charging ports/voltmeter socket
  • 12v cig output socket
  • Binder posts that can be used as 12v output and to charge your box.
  • Two waterproof side-mounted LED lights
  • Three waterproof LED switches that are used as the master switch, LED sidelights switch, and the binding post/charging post switch
  • Fuse protected off the positive battery lead with a 10-amp fuse
  • Dakota Lithium nameplate with waterproof LED backlight
  • Water resistant
  • Dakota Lithium 12V 7Ah battery included
  • Free Charger

Please note that the battery only ships at 10% of capacity before shipping. You must fully charge your battery once you receive it using the Dakota Lithium charger in this packaging.

Read more about selecting the right battery for your specific needs below

When selecting the right battery for the ideal solution, you should research the Ah (Ampere Hour) draw on your electronics you are connecting. We have found the following below, which should help some in your choices.
Depth and Fish Finders will typically draw as little as .30 amps per hour and up to 1 amp per hour. This is for a typical 4 inches to 5 inches screen that is black and white or color. (Read your manual to make sure, these are estimates to understand which battery to purchase). Larger screens that are in color 7-inch to 11-inch screens can draw as much as .8 amps per hour to 1.2 amp per hour.
A 7 Ah Lithium battery will power a 5-inch color screen that draws .4 amps per hour for 17 hours or so assuming the battery is charged fully. (Just an estimate)
A 10 Ah Lithium battery will power a 5-inch color screen that draws .4 amps per hour for a max of 25 hours to as little as 10 hours depending on your amp draw (Read your manual to ensure power draw)
Lithium power is different than typical SLA power.
Lithium will offer a constant current up to the battery reaching around 9 volts and then it will shut off. An SLA battery will start to lose power and your electronics will slow down or get dimmer. In some cases, you will try to turn up the brightness when using an SLA and ask for more power which will shorten the battery life as well.
If you are adding additional battery drains, LED lighting or charging your phone or cameras, this will also add to your hourly amperage draw as well. Calculate your amperage draw to select the correct battery for the correct use.
If powering a Micro Pole, please use the 20ah Vortex battery. Other products can be attached to this, but you will minimally need the 20ah Vortex for the Power Pole. Depending on your setting for the surface, your Micro Pole will need a lot of power to push through harder surfaces.

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