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Railblaza StarPort HD Review

As told by Mariner Sails Kayak Fishing Club Member Jerry Hamon.

I recently was given the opportunity to review the new StarPort HD by Railblaza.  I had seen the unit at a rigging demo about a month ago and was very impressed with what I saw so I was excited to get my hands on one and put it through the paces. I recently spent a weekend with our Mariner Sails Kayak Fishing Club at beautiful Lake Fork, Texas so I couldn’t think of a better time to test drive the mount.

Prior to leaving for the trip, I went ahead and drilled out the corner mounting holes.

I started out with it track mounted to the front dash track my Native Ultimate FX 12 with my fish finder in it. I was totally amazed at the stability of the mount with such a huge device mounted in it.

Railblaza StarPort HD rigging Native Kayak 2

The next day I was taking the wife out on the Native Ultimate FX 15 tandem so I moved it over to the center thwart.  I track mounted it on the tandem and put my Railblaza Rod Holder II in it.

Railblaza StarPort HD rigging Native Kayak 3

Once again, the mount performed really well. It remained stable even while trolling with large crank baits on my line.

StarPort HD 4 Railblaza StarPort HD rigging Native Kayak

The StarPort HD is such a versatile mount in that it can be track mounted, deck mounted, and it can also bolt right up where a Scotty or RAM mount has been removed.  For me, it was an excellent choice for mounting fish finders, cameras, illumination kits, rod holders, or anything that might require some additional stability. This thing is solid as a rock!