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RAILBLAZA StowPod – Storage Pod Product Review

Reviewed by YakGear Brand Ambassador Todd Hart

As a YakGear Brand Ambassador, I got the opportunity to test out the Railblaza StowPod prior to its release.  It’s a simple but very handy item. I’m an avid coffee drinker and an early morning riser/fisherman. I always seem to spill my coffee in my kayak on those early mornings so I was instantly won over.

The item is designed to be used with the patented Railblaza StarPort system. With StarPorts all over my Hobie Pro Angler 12, now I was stuck. Where should I mount the item? With all the room provided by the Hobie Pro Angler series, there are just too many options. Time to experiment!

Pictured above, I used a Railblaza SidePort Base with a Railblaza Adjustable Extender.

If you don’t have a Railblaza side mount base you can also mount it to a standard Railblaza StarPort Deck or Flush Mount Base directly onto the Hobie mounting board or any other accessory mounting boards. This would give you about the same positioning.

I also mounted it using the standard Railblaza StarPort Deck or Flush Mount Base on the front hatch located at the bow. This was a bit too far away for me to reach.

I then decide to try mounting it in some locations which would be out of the way of my fishing area. I used two Railblaza RailMount 19-25’s, one on each side of my seat.

The positioning on the Hobie rails seems to be a nice location. Using two of these Railblaza RailMount 19-25, I could choose a side for the StowPod and a side for my GoPro camera mounted on my Railblaza Camera Boom 600 Pro Series.

It about time someone came up with a simple much-needed solution for holding the lures, pliers, and most importantly my morning coffee!

For more on the Railblaza StowPod, check out the Railblaza Walk Around video below:

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