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New Product Release: MiniPort Track Mount – RAILBLAZA Track Mount Base

Tracks are a great way to minimize the number of holes you have to drill into your kayak while still maximizing the amount of accessory storage space that you have.  Track rigging has become so popular that kayak and SUP manufacturers are even including tracks on their boats straight from the warehouse.

However, the tools needed to properly fit the accessories onto the tracks is where the situations gets a little sticky.  In order to mount an accessory base to a track, additional tools were always needed.  Taking the time to find a small Allen Wrench in your tackle bag, carefully loosening the track nuts, and praying that the wrench and/or base doesn’t fall in the water is now a thing of the past.

Rigging your kayak tracks with Railblaza kayak fishing accessories just got a whole lot easier with the MiniPort Track Mount – Railblaza Track Mount Base.  As an alternative to using a socket wrench to slide your accessory into the desired track mount position, the new MiniPort TracMount requires absolutely no tools for repositioning.  The MiniPort TracMount by Railblaza is designed to fit most existing track from both kayak manufacturers and external mounting accessory companies.  These compatible tracks include Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft, Jackson Kayak, YakAttack, Scotty, and Yak Gear tracks.

The completely “tool-free” operation of the MiniPort Track Mount – Railblaza Track Mount Base is simple! To easily fit and adjust the MiniPort TracMount, you simply turn the MiniPort.  Turning the MiniPort counterclockwise will loosen the attached track nut and give you adequate slack to slide the MiniPort into your track and into position.  To tighten the MiniPort into place, you simple turn it clockwise!  The clockwise turn tightens directly in the track using the track nut included – thus securing your accessory into place.

The MiniPort Track Mount – Railblaza Track Mount Base is compatible with all Railblaza accessories.

Want to reposition your accessory while you are on the water?  Want to reposition your rod holder quickly while you are landing a fish?  Want to reposition your camera mount while you are preparing to surf a big wave in to shore? Repositioning within the track is simple.  Simply twist to loosen, slide, and twist back to tighten. Watch how simple it is below!

Note – The MiniPort is designed for use in light duty applications.  For use when trolling, it is recommended for use on the right hand (Starboard) side of your kayak.  This is so the MiniPort remains tightened when load comes on from a strike. If using on left hand (Port) side the MiniPort will loosen when load comes on fishing rod.

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